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Greetings and salutations

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by the site. I am Damien, and I'm a creative consultant specialising in consulting and developing solutions for small-medium business. Whether you're a new business startup looking to sell products or services online, or an SMB seeking to expand revenue sources by tapping into online market, I'll be happy to help you build real solutions to maximise results.

I'm a thirty-something expat Brit now living in the United States with a lovely (if crazy) wife. What do I do, exactly? I've been a full stack web designer-developer for sixteen years since starting in college way back in 1998. I also do a lot of graphic design — logo work, concepts, idents, photo retouching and manipulation... you name it, I've probably done it at some point. I also dabble in motion graphics and video work, but that's more of a hobby and I don't feel like I'm at a professional level of competency at that yet.

The most common benefits I can offer you:

  1. Advice about setting up online: Domains, hosting and server plans (VPS vs. dedicated vs. cloud), secure certification, common pitfalls and how to avoid them
  2. Web technologies which would work best for your particular needs: content management systems, e-commerce platforms, payment processing and merchant services
  3. Designing and developing a website which appeals to the wants and needs of your target demographic to maximise potential revenue

I'm a firm believer in transparency, so here is my estimated levels of expertise across typical skillsets you might be looking for:

Web design and development
100% (16+ years experience)
Print design (stationary, posters, etc.)
80% (9+ years experience)
Image editing and alteration
70% (7+ years experience)
Logo design (wordmark, logotype, etc.)
40% (3+ years experience)

One guy? Why shouldn't I hire an agency instead?

A common misconception is that hiring a large design firm is always the best option, but that simply isn't true, especially for small business.

  1. My overhead compared to a design firm is much lower — less office space, less payroll and so forth — which means that you'll be charged much less
  2. A solo operation is much more agile than a full team of people who need to keep signing off with each other, so you get results much faster
  3. Large agencies actually outsource much of their work to individuals such as myself (and still bill you for “their work”), so you'd save time and money by going directly to me

That said, please don't come with the expectation of getting a website for petty cash (such as $300). There are a lot of amateur web designers around the internet charging pennies for website (usually as “website packages”), but these are glorified templates. They'll make you a pretty website but it won't accomplish what you're looking for. When I work with you on a new website (or other product), I'll take the time to learn about and understand your business — your unique needs and desires — and develop a custom solution based on what you want to achieve.

Don't take my word for it

Here's a few samples of testimonials from awesome people who kindly let me put them online. I have tons more if you need them.

I HIGHLY recommend working with Damien King. I'll definitely be working with him again!
He's very professional, delivers high quality deliverables on time and within budget.
Geeta Powani
I asked Damien to assist me ... He was proactive, prompt and helpful. Damien went the extra mile to ensure the best outcome for me. He was competively priced and I would recommend him to friends and clients. I was very impressed.
Daniel Young
Working with Damien has been an absolute pleasure. He has surpassed my expectations and delivered results in advance of the agreed deadline. Web designers with his sort of attitude are like gold dust. We've recommended him to everyone!
Francis Calvey

Will work for money (Or possibly tea)

Well, just kidding about the tea. Mostly. But I'm usually available as an independent consultant and designer/developer.

If you're interested in chatting about your project then I'd love to hear from you! Scroll down to that snazzy contact form down there. I can't promise immediate availability as I have ongoing contracts, but I will certainly let you know an estimated date of being available for your project.

Your name:
Your email:
Interested in:
All done? Awesome — just hit send and I'll get your message immediately